The US Navy has commissioned its newest Independence-variant littoral combat ship (LCS) USS Oakland (LCS 24) into service during a private event on 17 April.

LCS 24 is the 12th Independence-variant LCS and the third US Navy ship to be named in honour of the Californian city.

In July 2019, Austal USA launched USS Oakland (LCS 24) into the waters at its facility in Mobile, Alabama.

US Navy Acting Secretary Thomas Harker said: “We now have a finished warship behind us that is ready to be placed into commission.

“This ship is a marvel of engineering, which will extend our capabilities for any mission across the blue water, from shoreline to shoreline.”

The 3,200t Oakland is 421ft long, with a beam of 103ft and a navigational draft of 15ft. The ship is designed to operate in near-shore environments.

Capable of reaching speeds up to 40k, it is equipped with two gas turbine engines, two main propulsion diesel engines, and four waterjets.

The ship will be homeported in San Diego naval base with LCS ships USS Independence, USS Coronado, USS Omaha, USS Manchester, USS Tulsa, USS Charleston, USS Jackson, USS Montgomery, USS Gabrielle Giffords, USS Cincinnati and USS Kansas City.

The LCS will be deployed to conduct missions such as maritime security, sea control and deterrence, and protect coastal threats, including submarines, mines and swarming small craft.

Oakland commanding officer commander Francisco Garza said: “I am incredibly proud of this crew for their dedication to shipmate and ship as we worked toward the commissioning of USS Oakland.

“We are honoured to carry the name ‘Oakland’ into the fleet.”