Data Link Solutions (DLS), a joint venture between BAE Systems and Collins Aerospace, has secured a contract from the US Navy for new Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) cabinet terminals.

The $3.2m valued contract is for MIDS on-ship modernisation cabinet production.

The MIDS On-Ship Modernization System (MOS MOD) has been designed to receive and transmit text and imagery to and from military air, ground, and maritime forces.

This generates real-time mission scenarios, providing the serviceman situation awareness.

Production work will take place at BAE Systems in Wayne, New Jersey and Collins Aerospace in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with delivery scheduled to commence in September.

MOS MOD is interoperable with all Link 16 systems and permits secure data exchange between US and Nato allied nations.

It enhances the troops’ capability with interchangeable receiver and transmitter, high power amplifier transmission, dual-antenna reception, and dual-channel J-voice.

Data Link Solutions director Alan Dewar said: “This smaller, lighter system will give the US Navy all the functionality of previous Link 16 radio models but with improved access to line replaceable units, which enhances maintenance operations.

“The system is more than 60% lighter than the current configuration and has a reduced cabinet height of 48 inches.”

MOS MOD is field interchangeable between MIDS Low Volume Terminal 4 and MIDS Joint Tactical Radio System (MIDS JTRS).

The system enables frequency remapping, crypto modernisation, Concurrent Multi-Netting (CMN), or Concurrent Contention Receive (CCR), along with three additional waveforms.

It is the only shipboard system that provides a power capability of 1,000-watts with the MIDS JTRS receiver and transmitter.