The US Navy has announced that its Freedom-class littoral combat ship (LCS), the future USS Minneapolis/Saint Paul (LCS 21), will be commissioned in Duluth.

The selection of the commissioning location was revealed by US Navy Deputy Undersecretary Jodi Greene during her visit to the port city for Duluth Navy Week.

LCS 21 is sponsored by Greene and was christened last month during a ceremony in Marinette, Wisconsin.

The future USS Minneapolis/Saint Paul is the 11th Freedom-class ship and the second vessel to be named after Minnesota’s twin cities.

Greene said: “We are eager to announce that Duluth has been chosen as the city in which we will hold the commissioning for the USS Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

“The city of Duluth is an important port on Lake Superior and your navy is looking forward to continuing a strong partnership with Mayor Larson and the people of Duluth, as well as the people in Minneapolis and St Paul.”

Designed to operate in littoral environments and open-ocean, LCS 21 is anticipated to be commissioned in the first half of next year.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson said: “Duluth is a city full of people linked to the navy,” said Larson. “We have both active service members and veterans who call Duluth their home, and we proudly display the anchor from the decommissioned USS Duluth where everyone can see it.”

The 388ft-long, 58ft-wide ship is being built by Lockheed Martin and partners at Fincantieri Marinette Marine yard in Marinette.

LCS vessels are capable of supporting surface warfare, anti-submarine operations, and mine countermeasures missions in the littoral region.

Earlier this week, the navy announced that another Freedom-variant ship, the future USS Indianapolis (LCS 17), would be commissioned in October.