The US Navy’s future Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer DDG 132 has been named in honour of Coast Guard captain Quentin Walsh, who died in May 2000.

Walsh was awarded the Navy Cross medal in recognition of his service during the Second World War. This medal is the navy’s second highest award for valour in combat.

DDG 132 is the first Arleigh Burke-class ship to be named after a Coast Guard hero.

The name was announced by US Navy Secretary Richard Spencer in a ceremony on the US Coast Guard Cutter Eagle in Cherbourg, France.

Spencer said: “Captain Walsh was a hero whose efforts during World War II continue to inspire, and his leadership in securing the French port of Cherbourg had a profound effect on the success of the amphibious operations associated with Operation Overlord.

“For over two centuries, the Navy and Marine Corps team and the Coast Guard have sailed side by side, in peacetime and war, fair weather or foul.

“I am honoured the future USS Quentin Walsh will carry Captain Walsh’s legacy of strength and service throughout the world, and I am proud that for decades to come, this ship will remind friends and adversaries alike of the proud history of our services and the skill and professionalism of all those who stand the watch today.”

Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are designed to be deployed in support of a range of operations, from peacetime presence and crisis response to sea control and power projection.

The future Flight III destroyer USS Quentin Walsh will have the ability to wage air, surface and subsurface battles simultaneously.

“His leadership in securing the French port of Cherbourg had a profound effect on the success of Operation Overlord.”

To be built by General Dynamics Bath Iron Works (GDBIW) in Bath, Maine, the vessel will be equipped with offensive and defensive weapon systems to support maritime warfare, including integrated air and missile defence and vertical launch capabilities.

The US Navy awarded a contract in December last year to GDBIW for the construction of DDG 132. Other DDG 51 destroyers under construction at Bath Iron Works are DDG 118, DDG 120, DDG 122, DDG 124, and DDG 127.

The 509ft-long ship will have a beam of 59ft and can operate at a speed of more than 30k.