The US Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) has declared that the Mk13 Mod 7 long-range sniper rifle is fully operational.

The latest addition to the arsenal of Recon Marines and scout snipers offers improved accuracy and range.

Set to provide the Marines with increased lethality, the Mk13 bolt-action, precision-firing rifle reached full operational capability in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2019.

The rifle entered service last year with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force and is set to partially replace the M40A6 legacy system.

MCSC Mk13 project officer captain Nick Berger said: “Scout snipers are now being fielded a weapon system that makes them even more lethal at distance than they were previously.

“This weapon better prepares us to take the fight to any adversary in any clime and place.”

The Mk13 is capable of firing a larger bullet at greater distances than the M40A6.

In addition, the weapon offers additional velocity that will deliver an edge on the battlefield, said Berger.

MCSC Infantry Weapons weapons team lead major Mike Brisker said: “When shooting the Mk13, the bullet remains stable for much longer. The weapon gives you enough extra initial velocity that it stays supersonic for a much longer distance than the M40A6.”

The new rifle also consists of the M571, which is an enhanced day optic that will provide the sniper with greater magnification range and an improved reticle. This will allow Marines to better identify enemies at greater distances.

Brisker stated that the Mk13 will be primarily used by Marines during deployments. The M40A6 will continue to be used as a training rifle for snipers.