The Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 367 (HMLA-367) of the United States Marine Corps has participated in an integrated training event in Hawaii.

The Lightning Forge exercise, which also involved the US Army’s 25th Infantry Division, was conducted to bolster cohesion between the two military branches and enhance their interoperability.

Under the training, HMLA-367 used their aircraft to play the antagonist against army ground units.

HMLA-367 UH-1Y pilot 1st Lieutenant Cristov Dorsev said: “Today was a good exercise for communicating with other armed forces, so we identified some points of friction, different languages that are used across the different armed forces.

“It taught everyone a good lesson about the importance of pre-flight planning and getting on the same page with certain tactics.”

Dorsev further added that the crew on board ensured good communication despite rough weather. Every member involved in the training had specific tasks to ensure mission accomplishment.

HMLA-367 UH-1Y crew chief Corporal Tyler Archambeault said: “My job directly was to help keep our section correlated with the movement of aircraft and simulated attacks.

“Everything went pretty well, especially having a Gunnery Sergeant on the other side of the aircraft with the junior pilot and myself. We have a solid couple of senior guys.”

Last month, four CH-53E Super Stallion aircraft of the US Marines completed an extensive maintenance process called RESET.

The CH-53E helicopters are used for lifting heavy cargo and marine aircraft, except the KC-130.