The US, Japan, Vietnam, Australia and the UK have commenced the multinational humanitarian assistance and disaster relief preparedness mission, Pacific Partnership 2022 (PP22).

An opening ceremony to mark the beginning of the mission was held at Nghinh Phong Square in Phu Yen, Vietnam on 20 June.

Conducted annually in the Indo-Pacific region, this is the 17th iteration of the US-led multilateral humanitarian mission PP22.

It is the second time that Pacific Partnership is being organised in Phu Yen province, Vietnam.

The mission focuses on promoting multilateral disaster management resilience in the host nations along with strengthening alliances.

Pacific Partnership mission commander captain Hank Kim said: This is a tangible reflection of spirit of Pacific Partnership mission: strengthening international ties throughout Indo-Pacific region and fostering multilateral cooperation and partnership.

“Through Pacific Partnership engagements, we have planned together with our Vietnamese colleagues – whether medical engagements, engineering projects, community outreach or band concerts – we are not only getting to know each other better, but also making a lasting impact in local communities.”

During the course of this mission, the participating nations together with Vietnamese counterparts will conduct several activities and projects to benefit the local community.

The PP22 command group of the US and other nations will coordinate with the local agencies to perform humanitarian activities including medical examination, treatment, exchange of medical expertise, humanitarian aid and disaster relief workshops, among other things.

On 19 June, the US Military Sealift Command’s hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) has arrived at Vung Ro Port, Phu Yen, Vietnam, marking the first stop for PP22.

Apart from USNS Mercy, around 30 Australian Defence Forces (ADF ) personnel along with a team of medical specialists will also be a part of this mission.