Security forces from the US Navy’s installations have commenced the annual force protection exercise Citadel Pacific 2022 (CP22).

The five-day exercise is being conducted by Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) and Commander, US Pacific Fleet from 15 to 19 August.

The annual event aims to evaluate the emergency response of participating forces in the Navy Regions Japan and Korea and Joint Region Marianas.

It will also improve the readiness of the US Navy’s security personnel and prepares the navy’s installations for potential force protection situations.

In addition, CP22 provides a learning environment for the participating security personnel to exercise functional plans and operational capabilities.

CNIC Operations director Mark Sinder said: “Citadel Pacific simulates threat scenarios such as active shooters, gate runners and improvised explosive devices so that our personnel are prepared to respond for such events, should they occur onboard our installations.

“This training approach ensures US Navy security forces maintain a high level of readiness in a dynamic security environment.”

The CP22 is a regularly scheduled exercise and will not address any specific threat.

The CNIC is responsible for managing around 48,000 employees at 70 Navy shore installations established in ten different regions worldwide.

It conducts force protection exercises, including CP22, at all 70 installations.

The exercise will involve simulated gunfire, explosions and large voice public address systems at Naval Base Guam installations, due to which local residents will hear related announcements regarding force protection throughout the exercise.