Uptake has received a contract from the US Marine Corps (USMC) to provide artificial intelligence (AI) software for the M88 armoured recovery vehicles.

The company will provide its Asset IO application to help the USMC enhance the operational readiness of the M88 recovery vehicles through predictive analytics.

The contract with the USMC is supported by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU).

Uptake founder and CEO Brad Keywell said: “We’re proud to work with the Marine Corps in support of their progressive commitment to embracing predictive analytics and industrial AI technology to advance operational readiness and solve long-standing challenges.

“Through predictive maintenance, we intend to increase the operational readiness of the M88. Our software products, which are tailored to heavy equipment and component-level activity, will help ensure the safety of marines so they can accomplish their missions and return home safely.”

The company used its software to increase the operational readiness of the US Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle last year.

It monitored component subsystems on the Bradley to deliver actionable insights. The insights identified warning signs before the occurrence of a failure event to ensure operational availability and lower costs.

Asset IO is an asset performance management (APM) solution that will be deployed to improve the condition-based monitoring of the M88s.

The contract includes providing preventive maintenance strategies and insights to improve the decision-making of marine tactical commanders.

The preventive maintenance capability will also increase the operational availability of the M88s and reduce costs associated with maintenance.

The M88 is used to recover damaged or stranded heavily armoured vehicles from the battlefield.