The UK’s Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has launched new market exploration seeking technological solutions related to uncrewed, persistent, deployable anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability.

DASA has been appointed by the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) to launch the new market exploration.

The new effort is part of the Project CHARYBDIS, which falls under the British Navy Command’s ASW Spearhead Programme.

This project aims to identify, prototype, evaluate and deliver systems to provide uncrewed ASW capabilities to identify, detect, classify, track and report enemy’s underwater vessels and submarines.

SDA is handling both the market exploration and the project on behalf of the Royal Navy (RN).

According to RN, it is looking for innovative technologies and sub-systems, that can enhance the RN’s uncrewed ASW capability in wide range of areas.

It includes sensors for underwater hostile threats, in-water/above-water/surface communication capability, on-board/off-board uncrewed platforms analysis, launch and recovery solutions and training maintenance and sustainment options.

Other areas include power sources solution, navigation systems, as well as data collection, processing, storage, management and wiping technologies.

DASA informed that this new market exploration is presently open, and interested teams can submit their proposals until 20 January next year.

According to DASA statement, the overall initiative to explore ASW technologies will support the RN’s ongoing efforts to maximise its existing operational advantage over various adversaries, while maintaining battle-winning edge.

Separately, SDA has also invited concept studies from various industry partners and suppliers that specialise in different integrated ASW systems. SDA has already announced this on Defence Sourcing Portal.

In 2020, DASA launched a competition to develop system demonstrators for safely and stealthily advance the forces into enemy territory over water.