The UK, Sweden and Germany have signed a new agreement with BAE Systems Hägglunds to jointly procure a total of 436 BvS10 all-terrain amphibious vehicles.

The $760m deal has been negotiated by the procurement arms of the three nations, Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, German Federal Ministry of Defence and the UK Defence Equipment and Support.

The joint procurement contract has been awarded as part of the Collaborative All-Terrain Vehicle programme, which is led by Sweden.

Sweden has also set-up a joint procurement office to manage the programme with contribution from the representatives of all three nations.

Out of the total 436 BvS10 all-terrain vehicles, the UK has ordered 60 vehicles, while Germany and Sweden have ordered 140 and 236 vehicles, respectively. Engines of all the vehicles will be produced by Cummins in Darlington, UK.

Delivery of the vehicles is expected to start from 2024. The contract is valid until December 2029, with an additional option for delivery of 200 more vehicles for Germany until December 2032.

The new BvS10 all-terrain vehicles will be configured to serve as a troop transport platform, logistics, medical evacuation, recovery as well as command-and-control platform.

According to the UK MoD, the £140m deal will benefit the UK’s Commando Forces by replacing the existing Bv206 armoured vehicles and Viking amphibious vehicle fleet.

UK Royal Navy Acquisition deputy director brigadier Mark Totten said: “This is a unique capability – fundamental for Commando Forces that are expert in operating in the extreme cold weather and across the littoral.

“The vehicle boasts a number of characteristics that make it perfect for the Future Commando Force: it is adept over snow, has amphibious swimming capability and protects its occupants from several threats.”