The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy and the US Coast Guard, member nations of Coalition Task Force (CTF) Sentinel, have concluded exercise Sentinel Shield.

Conducted in the Arabian Gulf, the exercise series is designed to ensure maritime commerce in the Middle East.

CTF Sentinel is the operational arm of International Maritime Security Construct (IMSC).

The multinational task force comprises the US, Albania, the UAE, Lithuania, the UK, Estonia, Romania, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.

Together, the eight-member nations task force supports the maritime security and regional stability.

The exercise Sentinel Shield enhanced interoperability in operations, tactics and manoeuvres between the participating nations.

IMSC and CTF Sentinel commander commodore Don Mackinnon said: “I was delighted to see our Emirati partners participating in this month’s exercise.

“Sentinel Shield exercises better train our task force while strengthening our ability to handle real-world scenarios and better communications with our partner nations.”

During the exercise, UAE Navy’s missile patrol boat UAENS Marban (P152) along with USCG’s Island-class patrol boat USCGC Baranof (WPB 1318) performed various maritime drills.

Both the patrol boats conducted manoeuvring drills, passing exercises and other small boat trainings.

USCGC Baranof commanding officer lieutenant Vaughn Gehman said: “UAE was an excellent partner in conducting the necessary serials to continue to build our relationship in the Arabian Gulf.

“IMSC is essential in maintaining the free flow of commerce in these important waters.”

Established in July 2019, IMSC was formed to counter the increased threats in the Middle East waters, to reassure freedom of navigation for merchant mariners.

Four months after the formation of IMSC, the multinational CTF Sentinel was established to deter state-sponsored malign activities in the Strait of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandeb.