The Irish Naval Service has awarded a contract to marine architecture consultancy Tymor Marine to support the vessel mid-life overhaul programme.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Tymor will provide the Irish Navy with a mid-life extension survey for the P50-class vessel.

Under the agreement, the company will examine the navy vessels to evaluate the condition of their structure, systems, equipment and machinery.

It will also provide the navy with a complete analysis and report comprising independent recommendations for integrity maintenance and vessel overhaul.

Tymor Marine managing director Kevin Moran said: “We are privileged to have been awarded such a prestigious contract to support the Irish Navy in their mission to extend the life of their active service vessels and on-board assets.

“Our team validated recommendations are designed to extend or maximise the life expectancy of the vessel.”

“We believe that one of our significant strengths in delivering this contract, is that we adopt a wholly independent and holistic approach to asset integrity and life extension, by bringing together a cross-discipline team of marine surveyors, marine engineers, mechanical engineers and naval architects.

“Our team validated recommendations are designed to cost-effectively mitigate any issues that have been identified during our survey and to extend or maximise the life expectancy of the vessel.”

The survey of the P50-class will provide evidence of vessel integrity along with making an estimation of remaining endurance wherever possible, highlighting the major sites that need attention.

In addition, the mid-life extension survey contract will include a review of planned maintenance and inspection activity, and make recommendations for cost-efficient preventative actions and upgrades.

The project will also deliver an assessment of machinery hours linked to the ship’s planned mode of operation over the course of its future activities, as well as advice on remedial action, taking into account the availability and cost of spares and repairs.