The Turkish Navy’s Preveze-class submarine mid-life modernisation project (Preveze-YÖM) has reached a new milestone.

The sea acceptance trials of the inertial navigation system, CTD probes, chilled water system and static inverters have been concluded as part of the project, which is being completed under the guidance of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB).

These trials were performed before the completion of the design stages as per the contract.

SBB also approved the project’s critical design phase.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Navy worked on the completion of the platform incorporation of the MÜREN combat management system.

The Preveze-Class Submarines Mid-Life Modernisation Project (PMMP) includes the upgrade of four Preveze-class submarines, TCG Preveze (S-353), TCG Sakarya (S-354), TCG 18 Mart (S-355) and TCG Anafartalar (S-356).

Upgrade work is being performed by STM-ASELSAN-HAVELSAN, in collaboration with ASFAT.

Under this upgrade project, inertial navigation system, salinity-depth-density measurement system, floating antenna, satellite communication mast, assault and navigation periscope system will be acquired by SBB.

The procurement activities will also cover cooled water system, emergency underwater communication system, static converter and air freshening system.

SBB will also carry out the platform integration activities of all products delivered by STM-ASELSAN-HAVELSAN and ASFAT partnership.

STM is responsible for the platform incorporation of all systems that are being improved for the Preveze-class submarines, as well as for the purchase of system under the project.

In 2019, Hensoldt won a €40m contract from Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik (STM) to modernise vision equipment used by the Preveze-class submarines.