Triumph has been awarded a multi-year contract to produce actuators and control system for the US Navy’s Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band (NGJ-MB) pod. 

Awarded by Raytheon Intelligence & Space, the contract will cover the production demand for low-rate initial production (LRIP) Lots I and II.

The multi-year contract also covers the productibility enhancement and non-recurring engineering for the product.

As per the terms of the contract, the contract will see the company manufacture and deliver air inlet, exhaust electro-mechanical door actuators and an advanced electronic control system for the NGJ-MB pod.

uWorks under this contract will be carried out at Triumph’s Actuation Products & Services facility in Redmond, Washington.

Triumph Actuation Products & Services president Mike Boland said: “Knowing that we play a key part in the success of the Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band programme is exciting and aligns with our mission to partner with our customers to solve their hardest challenges with industry-leading technologies and innovation.

“Our experience in designing and manufacturing actuators and controls will enhance the performance, reliability and affordability of the Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band.” 

The US Navy’s NGJ is an advanced electronic attack system which uses air-defence systems and communications to deny, disrupt and degrade enemy’s technology.

The new NGJ-MB will replace the traditional Tactical Jamming System (TJS), which is used on the EA-18G Growler aircraft to conduct airborne electronic attack (AEA).

In June last year, the US Navy’s NGJ-MB programme received approval for research, development and acquisition.

Following which Raytheon Technologies already started the LRIP Lot I production of the US Navy’s NGJ-MB system in July 2021.