Germany-based thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) has delivered the third and fourth next-generation SA’AR-6-class missile corvettes to the Israeli Navy.

The names of the two ships are ‘INS Atzmaut’ and ‘INS Nitzachon’.

With the delivery, TKMS has now successfully handed over all the four SA’AR-6 class missile corvettes under contract to the navy.

In May 2015, the contract was signed with TKMS as the lead and the German Naval Yards as the project partner.

TKMS managing director Dr Alexander Orellano said: “In the six years from the signing of the contract until today, we have developed a superior ship together.

“We have discussed a lot with each other, sometimes even argued. In the end, we, client and contractor, together built a better ship than originally planned.”

In February 2018, the construction phase commenced with the steel cutting ceremony of the first SA’AR 6-corvette after completion of the design phase.

The first ship was undocked 15 months after the first steel was cut.

In May 2019, the first SA’AR-6 class missile corvette was christened as INS Magen. It was handed over to the Israeli Navy in November last year.

TKMS delivered the second SA’AR-6 class missile corvette ‘INS Oz’ to the Israeli Navy in May this year.

TKMS noted that the Israeli Navy will equip the missile corvettes with radar and weapon systems.

The SA’AR 6-corvettes have an overall length of 90m and a beam of approximately 13m. The full load displacement of each corvette is approximately 2,000t.