ThayerMahan has received a four-year contract from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to perform unmanned systems development and testing.

The $19.4m contract forms part of the ‘Development, Testing and Application of Unmanned Maritime Systems to Produce Innovative Maritime Autonomous Cross-Domain Capabilities’ programme.

The programme seeks to advance the use of technologies in support of cross-domain awareness initiatives within the two military branches.

ThayerMahan is required to develop innovative autonomous systems under the contract.

The company will also use the funding from the contract to continue the improvement of its acoustic and electronic search systems.

ThayerMahan president and CEO Mike Connor said: “This contract with the ONR marks a major milestone in the trajectory of ThayerMahan and supports the continued growth of our team in Groton, Connecticut.

“We will leverage the skills of our talented engineers and the experience of our Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps veterans to deliver autonomous marine systems that support safety and security at sea.”

Founded in 2016, ThayerMahan is involved in the development of autonomous maritime solutions for the US Navy and other government agencies.

Last year, the company participated in the navy’s Advanced Naval Technology Exercise that demonstrates the future of navy technologies.

At the event, the company demonstrated its SeaScout expeditionary system for seabed mapping and intelligence.

ONR functions within the department of the navy and provides technical advice to the Chief of Naval Operations and the Secretary of the navy.

The organisation is focused on promoting the development and deployment of unmanned maritime systems to meet the mission needs of the navy.