Thales has launched a new friend-foe identification system for the French Navy’s future FDI-class frigates.

The new system, called TSA6000, is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of identification friend or foe (IFF) interrogators that help in determining aircraft, vehicles or other forces.

The TSA6000 uses flat fixed-array active antenna technology to identify targets. With a 360° electronic scanning (or e-scan) capability, the system is said to be capable of identifying targets faster than a typical rotating antenna system.

Additionally, the design of the TSA6000 supports easy installation compared to IFF systems with rotating array antennas or fixed cylindrical arrays. The device has no mechanical or rotating parts, which increases reliability and reduces renovation time.

The system is compliant with Mode 5, the new Nato secure identification standard.

Thales Radio communications vice-president Florence Gourgeon said: “The TSA6000 is the latest addition to the Thales family of IFF products and meets the full range of current and future operational requirements.

“With its unique digital architecture, it is designed to evolve in line with emerging requirements and future threats.

“We’re proud to be providing state-of-the-art and ever more innovative solutions to ensure the highest levels of protection for the armed forces and help them conduct their operations safely.”

The TSA6000 is expected to be installed in France’s FDI-class frigates from next year.

The frigates will also be equipped with Thales’ Sea Fire radar, a step that will provide these ships with a near-instantaneous detection and identification capability against high-velocity threats.

Last month, Thales was contracted to equip the Polish Navy’s helicopters with four Flash Sonics dipping sonar and sonobuoy processing systems.