Thales and its partners at Team Vigilance have unveiled plans to provide combat systems integration and electronic systems integration for the Vigilance Class OPV.

Team Vigilance aims to deliver a versatile and capable multi-mission OPV that can meet the demands of naval operations at home and abroad.

Thales Canada, with over 50 years of supporting the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) fleets, brings expertise. Furthermore, as a long-standing Tier-1 supplier under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy, Thales Canada’s contributions add value to the collaborative efforts of Team Vigilance.

Thales has worked on previous maritime patrol vessels for Canada, including the Harry DeWolf-class offshore patrol vessel, where they provided IFF transponders. These vessels are used to patrol and monitor the arctic-climate waters to the north of Canada and must also have an icebreaking capability, according to GlobalData’s “Canada Defence Market 2022-2027” report.

Chris Pogue, CEO of Thales Canada, claimed: “It’s energising to envision what Canada’s sailors and the RCN could gain from a paradigm shift in mid-sized OPVs: fewer crew needs through digitization and uncrewed systems; mission adaptability via modern sensor-suites; and future-proofing by way of artificial intelligence, connectivity, big data and IoT technologies. 

All this in a fully integrated, compact and versatile vessel – the outcome of a deep commitment among Team Vigilance partners to Canada and collaboration.”

GlobalData’s report on “The Global Naval Vessels and Surface Combatants Market 2023-2033” reveals that with 77.8%, the US accounts for the largest market for naval vessels and surface combatants in the North American region. The remaining 22.2% share is anticipated to be held by Canada over the forecast period.

The collective capabilities of Team Vigilance encompass ship design, Canadian and global shipbuilding, the integration of combat and offboard systems, modular payload systems, and sustainable life-cycle solutions. This approach ensures that the Vigilance Class OPVs possess the flexibility and adaptability to excel in various missions.

The collaborative efforts of Thales and Team Vigilance aim to deliver a new class of multi-mission OPVs to the Royal Canadian Navy. Equipped with technology and backed by operational expertise, these vessels will be capable of fulfilling any assigned mission domestically and internationally. 

The French-based defence and security company Thales recorded a 9.4% increase in sales in Q1 of FY23. The company attributed this growth to strong dynamics and mature markets in different regions, especially Europe and North America.