Terma, a global player in radar technology, has secured a contract to supply four SCANTER 6002 naval surveillance radars for two Belgian and two Netherlands Navy frigates.

In April 2023, it was reported that the cost of the four vessels would reach about €4bn ($4.4bn). The Netherlands expects to receive the first vessel by 2029 and the second one by 2031, but with delays, it may take until 2033, according to GlobalData’s “Netherlands Defense Market 2024-2029” report.

Improving naval surveillance

The SCANTER 6002 radars are set to provide surveillance capabilities. Known for their advanced features and performance, these radars incorporate X-band technology, multi-frequency capabilities, and small target detection algorithms. These features ensure reliability and accuracy, bolstering the navies’ surveillance operations.

Terma also serves the UK Royal Navy by equipping five Type 26 frigates with its SCANTER 6000 radars.

Strategic partnerships for integration

Damen Naval, tasked with constructing the frigates and acting as the main contractor for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MOD), will oversee the integration of the SCANTER 6002 systems. Meanwhile, RH Marine, the system integrator, will collaborate closely with Terma to ensure smooth integration and performance of the radars.

Additionally, Alewijnse has partnered with Damen Naval to integrate the ASWF systems.

Terma vision for enhanced maritime security

Martin Jentsch, Sales Director of Naval Sales at Terma, expressed confidence in the impact of this partnership. “We are honoured to provide our SCANTER 6002 radars to the Belgian and Netherlands navies. These radars represent the pinnacle of maritime surveillance technology, reflecting Terma’s commitment to innovation and excellence. We are confident that our partnership with Damen Naval and RH Marine will ensure the successful integration and deployment of these systems, significantly enhancing the operational capabilities of the frigates and reinforcing maritime security in the region.”

Setting a new standard

Terma’s SCANTER 6002 naval surveillance radars are already recognised globally as radars for maritime surveillance. The successful integration of these radars into the Belgian-Dutch navies’ frigates is expected to ensure enhanced security and operational efficiency in naval operations.