Griffon’s subsidiary Telephonics has received a contract to supply its AN/UPX-44 Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system in support of the Republic of Korea (ROK) naval modernisation programmes.

The Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) subcontract worth $22.8m has been awarded by Huneed Technologies.

The AN/UPX-44 system will include Mode 5 capabilities that enable expanded data handling transmissions without increasing interference.

Telephonics president Kevin McSweeney said: “The AN/UPX-44 is part of a family of IFF systems that is ready to meet the demands of the Republic of Korea Mode 5 naval modernisation programme.

“As we continue to grow our global presence, we are proud to be partnered with Huneed Technologies and look forward to supporting future pursuits together.”

The company noted that this is its second IFF contract this year for the AN/UPX-44 system.

Huneed Technologies chairman Eugene Kim said: “Partnering with Telephonics was a natural choice for Huneed as our companies share a common culture that puts focus on our customers, and continuous improvement of on-quality, on-time and best value metrics.

“Synergies between world-class Telephonics products with Huneed’s production and integration capabilities will open new business opportunities not just in Korea, but globally.”

Huneed secured a contract in May to supply localised IFF systems for the ROK Navy.

The contract is part of Korea’s efforts to upgrade the existing IFF Mode 4 standard, which is used by military forces to the latest Mode 5 standard.

Under the contract, Huneed will integrate new IFF systems on existing naval vessels by the end of 2023.

The company is the preferred bidder to supply the IFF system for the next-generation naval frigate (FFX-III).

The frigates are expected to displace 3,000t and have a phased array radar.