Sypris Electronics has won a multi-year follow-on contract in support of the US Navy’s electronic warfare (EW) improvement programme.

Awarded by a US Department of Defence (DOD) prime contractor, the value of the contract has not been disclosed.

It will see the company manufacture and test electronic power supply modules.

As agreed, the contract will increase production volume significantly from the current levels starting this year.

Sypris Electronics vice-president and general manager Mark Kane said: “We are pleased to have solidified our long-term partnership on this important programme.

“The opportunity to expand our role as a critical solution provider for our customer and the US Navy is certainly a privilege for Sypris. We look forward to delivering this important technology for years to come.”

The EW upgrade programme will allow the US Navy to better defend its ships by actively blocking incoming missiles, use of cue decoys and rapidly adjust to growing threats.

According to the US Navy, the electronic attack portion’s enhancements are projected to offer integrated countermeasures against radio frequency-guided threats.

These improvements will also help in extending the frequency range coverage.

The EW system will be software-defined. In contrast to analogue radars of the past, the transmitters and receivers can be adjusted to transmit and receive various waveforms, increasing the adaptability of the system.

The system will feature non-kinetic electronic attack options capability that can be further used in other critical areas.