The Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) has awarded a contract to ST Engineering Marine, a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Engineering, to design and construct multi-role combat vessels (MRCVs).

ST Engineering Marine will be responsible for the detailed design and construction of six MRCVs for the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN).

The company will also manage the procurement and integration of the platform equipment and MINDEF-furnished equipment.

The contract requires the company to provide integrated logistics support engineering to maintain the operational readiness of the MRCVs during their working life.

ST Engineering Marine will build the MRCVs at their premises in Singapore, with deliveries of the vessels scheduled from 2028.

The MRCV will operate unmanned systems and carry configurable modular payloads. It will serve as a mothership to support various missions.

ST Engineering marine business president Ng Sing Chan said: “This contract affirms our capabilities to design and build large and complex naval vessels.

“The new MRCV will harness the ‘multiplier effect’ of digital technologies to meet the RSN’s requirements for faster, more efficient operations. It also demonstrates our commitment to support MINDEF in the areas of design, construction, operations and support.”

The new MRCVs are expected to replace the RSN’s existing Victory-class missile corvettes (MCVs), which have served since 1989.

The MCVs will continue to operate until the MRCVs are inducted into service.