The US Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Systems Center (SSC) Atlantic has awarded a prototype project to Advanced Technology International (ATI) for the Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP).

ATI received the contract on behalf of Booz Allen Hamilton in collaboration with Intuitive Research Technology Corporation (IRTC), a defence contractor.

IRTC will carry out a significant portion of the contract work with completion expected within a period of ten months.

The prototype project agreement (PPA) was awarded under the other transaction agreement (OTA) for $1.3m. It will focus on the development of a new low-altitude range communication system (LARCS) for the US Marine Corps.

SSC Atlantic deputy executive director Pete Reddy said: “This first award is a significant milestone for the IWRP.

“This effort will not only provide inherent value to the project sponsor and warfighting capability, but it also validates and sets into motion the awesome capability that IWRP is for the SPAWAR enterprise and entire Naval Research and Development Establishment.”

“The IWRP has proven to foster innovation and is a new way of thinking about our problems and their solutions.”

The upgraded technology will allow Marine Corps to replace the existing LARCS to meet the critical communication requirements for Marine training ranges.

Upon completion, the new system will be installed at the Townsend Bombing Range at Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, South Carolina.

The LARCS will be put through testing and field user evaluation in the final operational environment and configuration.

SSC Atlantic Expeditionary Enterprise Systems and Services (E2S2) division head Erik Gardner said: “We view the IWRP as a critical tool that will enable SSC Atlantic to achieve ‘Pivot Speed’ in rapidly responding to emerging business IT and warfighter needs.

“The IWRP, when combined with other tools, processes and environments, has proven to foster innovation and is a new way of thinking about our problems and their solutions.”

ATI reached a deal with SPAWAR in June last year to manage the IWRP consortium.