South Korean arms procurement agency Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has announced that the South Korean Navy will receive an upgraded Korean destroyer (KDX-I), Eulji Mundeok (DDG 972).

The refurbishment of the 3,200t destroyer, which started earlier this year, was carried out at Jinhae Naval Base in Gyeongnam.

According to the state arms procurement agency, the project focused on enhancing the anti-submarine and other capabilities of the destroyer.

The KDX-I performance improvement project involves enhancement of the destroyer’s aging combat systems and sensors.

After the upgrade, the destroyer now features a domestic combat system for better combat command abilities.

Furthermore, the destroyer has been equipped with the Towed Array Sonar System for improved detection and tracking performance of the underwater target.

Eulji Mundeok is the third and the final vessel to undergo modernisation under the performance improvement project of the KDX-I, which was introduced in September 2016.

The performance improvement project is aimed at enhancing and replacing the KDX-I’s ageing combat systems and sensors.

DAPA official Geuk-cheol Bang said: “By delivering the last ship of the KDX-I performance improvement project, the Eulji Mundeok, to the Navy, we have successfully carried out the first performance improvement project of the Navy’s surface ships.

“Based on our experience in the KDX-I performance improvement project, we will do our best to enhance the navy’s power by carrying out future performance improvement projects such as the Dokdo ship performance improvement project without any setbacks.”

The South Korean Navy received the first and second destroyers, Yang Manchun and Gwanggaeto the Great, in September last year and October this year, respectively.