The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has decommissioned three Singapore Technologies Marine (ST Marine ) Fearless-class Patrol Vessels (PVs) during a ceremony at Tuas Naval Base.

The RSS Fearless, RSS Brave and RSS Dauntless vessels entered service with the RSN in the 1990s.

While RSS Fearless and RSS Brave were inducted into the fleet in October 1996, RSS Dauntless joined the RSN fleet in May 1997.

The decommissioning ceremony was officiated by RSN chief rear-admiral (RADM) Lew Chuen Hong.

The Singapore Navy is transitioning to new ST Marine-built Littoral Mission Vessels (LMVs).

Under the LMV programme, the navy is replacing the 12 Fearless-class patrol vessels with eight Independence-class corvette-sized LMVs.

Maritime Security Task Force commander RADM Seah Poh Yeen said: “Throughout their operational service, RSS Fearless, RSS Brave and RSS Dauntless were an integral part of the Maritime Security Task Force’s High Readiness Core and truly lived up to 182 Squadron’s motto of being ‘sharp and vigilant’.

“The success of these patrol vessels would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication, professionalism and sacrifices of the many generations of sailors who served on board.”

The ceremony also marked the transfer of the operational duties of the three Fearless-class PVs to the new LMV ships.

The LMVs are equipped to provide a wider range of capabilities than the Fearless-class vessels.

All eight LMVs are expected to be fully operational by next year.

In January, ST Marine launched the Singapore Navy’s eighth and final Independence-class LMV.

The littoral mission vessels, which are manned by a crew of 23 members, are designed to support coastal security, maritime patrol, and surveillance missions. They can also be used for humanitarian assistance and search-and-rescue (SAR).