Sierra Management and Technologies has received an aircraft launch and recovery equipment (ALRE) contract from the US Naval Air Warfare Centre Aircraft Division (NAWCAD).

The company has secured the contract with its bidding partner Advanced Concepts and Technology International (ACTI).

The ALRE contract value is around $6m and will generate revenue of nearly $1.2m.

Prior to the ALRE contract, the company secured a $25m contract from the US Navy in February this year.

The contract will allow Sierra to support the NAWCAD Air Group, Supply and Materials Division and kit management missions by carrying out the Central Kitting Activity (CKA).

CKA is the hub for assembly, storage, distribution and reclamation of Technical Directive (TD) change kits for all naval aviation subsystems and systems.

The total combined value of the two contracts is approximately $31m.

Sierra CEO Jeff Wynne said: “The ALRE win is significant in several ways. First, this is a new contract, not a follow-on to existing work.

“Second, this ALRE assignment is in a new area beyond Sierra’s previous contracts, which will fuel future growth beyond our legacy business.”

The NAWCAD Lakehurst ALRE Department provides full life-cycle acquisition management for the US Navy and Marine Corps systems and equipment used for the launch and recovery of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

The equipment includes visual landing aids (VLA), arresting gear Mk7 and AAG, shipboard aviation information systems and other related systems on aircraft carrier vessels.

ALRE also involves expeditionary airfield (EAF) systems and subsystems, which include lighting, arresting gear, surfacing and geotechnical systems.