Sener and Babcock have concluded the AB-212 helicopter life-extension programme (LEP) for the Spanish Navy’s third squadron.

Carried out in a joint venture (JV) by the companies, the PEVH AB-212 programme involved upgrade and delivery of seven Spanish Navy AB-212 helicopters to the Spanish Defence Ministry’s General Armaments and Materials Department.

Due to the addition of advanced equipment and avionics, the programme is aimed at extending the helicopters’ service-life by at least 15 years.

In the life-extension programme, the helicopters have been upgraded with features such as surveillance radar, EO/IR Vision system, and GPS navigation system with moving map.

Navigation and instrument systems have been replaced by a new full glass cockpit, NVG compatible, and integrated with new mission systems.

The helicopters have also been upgraded with modern communications systems and avionics systems.

Under the JV, Sener was responsible for the global management of the programme and has centralised the design and integration engineering works.

The company provided all the necessary documentation for the manufacture and installation of the modification, in addition to the necessary analyses and evidences for certification.

Andrés Sendagorta of Sener said: “This is a programme carried out in a model way between the Spanish Navy, the Ministry of Defence and the industry, in which our engineers have been able to fully interact with the end-user and, therefore, have a firsthand knowledge about the client’s needs.

“The commitment assumed by Sener and Babcock has led to the delivery of a well-finished product to the navy.”

“In this way, we have been able to provide the best solutions in a fully collaborative environment. In short, the commitment assumed by Sener and Babcock has led to the delivery of a well-finished product to the navy.”

The Design and Certification team of Babcock provided services that include the design and integration of certain systems, as well as the industrialisation process and ground and flight certification tests.

In addition, the company has been in charge of the National Aerospace Technical Institute (INTA) certification process.

The upgrade has been carried out at Babcock’s Aeronautical Maintenance Center in Albacete (Spain).