Sea, a provider of electronic systems and software for the defence and security sectors, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Danish equipment provider SH Defence to explore the development of advanced modular solutions. 

The focus of this partnership will be on the development of modular solutions for naval platforms. The collaboration will utilise SEA’s electronic systems and software, including the Anti-Submarine Warfare system, KraitSense, and Torpedo Launcher Systems (TLS). 

The partnership aims to explore the potential of these systems to provide capabilities for future naval platforms. The Cube system is a modular platform that integrates systems and equipment onto maritime platforms.

The Anti-Submarine Warfare system, KraitSense, is a sonar system that detects and tracks submarines in various environments. The system uses signal processing techniques to enhance detection capabilities and situational awareness.

SEA’s Torpedo Launcher Systems (TLS) are means of launching torpedoes from naval platforms.

The partnership between SEA and SH Defence will explore the potential of incorporating these systems into the Cube system to create modular solutions for future naval platforms.

Rene Bertelsen, CEO at SH Defence, said: “The Cube is fast becoming the leading modular system for navies, and we are constantly looking for suppliers of the most innovative naval technology to integrate with our system. In SEA, we have found a company whose solutions are well suited to The Cube due to their inherent flexibility and proven capability.” By combining their capabilities, the two companies aim to create modular solutions for naval platforms that will provide enhanced capabilities and improved operational effectiveness.