Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) has secured a $1.1bn contract to support the US Navy’s MK48 Mod 7 heavyweight torpedo.

Under the contract, SAIC will be responsible for the manufacture, assembly, testing and delivery of the torpedo’s afterbody/tailcones (AB/TC) and MK29 Mod 0 Warshot fuel tanks.

According to the company, the AB/TC houses the torpedo’s propulsion and navigations systems and features 26 major sub-assemblies.

Each sub-assembly needs integration of more than 500 parts and pieces.

SAIC Defense and Civilian Sector president Bob Genter said: “SAIC is proud of our expanded work on integration, production, assembly, test and delivery contracts that support the MK 48 heavyweight torpedo system for the US Navy.

“We are confident that our proven performance on the MK 48 will continue to provide the navy with the sea-dominance weapon it requires.”

The latest award builds on a previous contract awarded to SAIC in September 2016, which gave rise to production restart of the MK 48 Heavyweight Torpedo AB/TC.

In October last year, the US Navy contracted SAIC for mission engineering and integration support to produce, test and deliver MK29 Warshot and MK28 Exercise Torpedo fuel tanks for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division Keyport.

In June last year, SAIC won a $60m contract from the US Navy to handle test and data collection of MK48 heavyweight Torpedoes, and MK54 and MK46 Lightweight torpedoes.

In February this year, the company won a firm-fixed-price contract from the US Navy to support the MK48 heavyweight torpedo.