Safran has signed partnership agreements with two Australian companies to support the further development of advanced submarine technology.

To this end, the company has expanded its collaboration with navigation technologies developer Advanced Navigation and electronic systems solutions provider Thomas Global Systems.

Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia (SEDA) CEO Alexis de Pelleport said: “We believe this approach will have a positive and enduring effect on Australia’s defence industry.

“We see this as the most effective path to bring cutting-edge submarine technology to Australia, and it will make real progress towards establishing a sovereign capability for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).”

“We believe this approach will have a positive and enduring effect on Australia’s defence industry.”

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed between SEDA and Advanced Navigation to jointly build new inertial navigation systems for maritime and land defence applications.

The agreement’s first phase will focus on development of the navigation subsystem of the future submarine programme.

In addition, the collaboration with Thomas Global Systems will help support Safran’s future submarine activities. This expands on the agreement signed between the firms earlier this year for production of the PASEO sighting system for Land 400 and 907 programmes.

The partnership has been extended to involve production of hardware for Safran’s naval systems, including submarine optronics and navigation solutions.

These two agreements will help reinforce the company’s two major strategies. The first is to expand the local subsidiary SEDA, while the second is to partner with Australian companies to facilitate the exchange of technology to enhance the country’s defence industry capabilities.