Saab has announced that the ground-launched small diameter bomb (GLSDB) has hit a predetermined target in the sea during long-range test firing at the Andøya Test Center in Andenes, Norway.

The successful test launch was conducted by GLSDB developers Saab and Boeing on 26 September.

The GLSDB hit a target located 130km away from the fully autonomous launcher.

Saab business area Dynamics head Görgen Johansson said: “In collaboration with Boeing, we have developed a highly competent system that offers high precision at long range.

“We see a lot of potential in the GLSDB, since it provides armed forces around the world with a long-range artillery capability, which there is a great demand for.”

The company noted that the GLSDB is designed to provide land and naval forces with an extended range to strike targets.

The manoeuvrability and accuracy of the small diameter bomb will boost the mobile capability of the forces.

GLSDB is touted as a long-range solution that can provide greater accuracy over long ranges and meet the evolving needs of armed forces.

Boeing Weapons vice-president Cindy Gruensfelder said: “Boeing and Saab bring together deep knowledge of precision weapon systems and the ability to rapidly integrate and test solutions.

“Combining our companies’ expertise, experience and resources have resulted in an advanced, cost-efficient, supportable global rocket artillery solution that brings warfighters the level of capability needed to combat current and future threats in a joint force environment.”

One of the key features of the GLSDB system is its ability to perform complex manoeuvres to hit the targets.

The launcher independent system is designed to be fired from a containerised solution or ones that use the M26 launch pod container.

In addition to land assets, GLSDB can be fired from naval ships using containerised launcher solutions.

The latest test firing is the third test launch of the small diameter bomb.