Sweden-based aerospace and defence company Saab has handed over the first lightweight torpedo system to the Swedish procurement agency Defence Material Administration (FMV).

The lightweight torpedo will be used by the country’s naval forces to counter foreign submarines.

It has been designated as ‘Torped 47’ by the Swedish Armed Forces.

The new Torped 47 is primarily meant for the Swedish Navy’s Visby-class corvettes and other submarines.

Saab said that its lightweight torpedoes can also be integrated with helicopters.

Following the delivery, the company is currently carrying out the final evaluation of the torpedo system to validate its capabilities to fulfil the requirements of the Royal Swedish Navy.

Once this final verification is complete, the torpedo system will be commissioned into the service by the navy.    

Saab business area dynamics head Görgen Johansson said: “The first delivery of our new lightweight torpedo marks an important milestone for the development project, which is one of our largest ever within our business unit Underwater Systems.

“Now the process of commissioning and replacing Sweden’s existing lightweight torpedo with a new one begins, with Saab ensuring that Sweden has a state-of-the-art lightweight torpedo at forefront of technology.”

According to Saab, the new lightweight torpedoes are being developed particularly for performing in the Baltic Sea region, in shallow water environments and complex topography and seabed.

The initial order for Saab’s lightweight torpedo systems was placed by Swedish FMV in 2016.

In 2020, the company, in collaboration with FMV and Swedish Armed Forces, conducted firing tests of the torpedo system aboard a surface vessel and a submarine.

Saab was also selected by Finland to provide the same lightweight torpedoes for the Finnish Navy’s Hamina-class vessels.