A large fire that broke out on Russia’s only aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, has left one person dead and several others injured.

The aircraft carrier caught fire during repair works at a dock in Murmansk in north-western Russia, according to state news agencies.

The fire accident has claimed the life of a military serviceman, whose body was found during fire-fighting operations, and injured 12 people, news agency TASS reported.

Authorities have evacuated and sent the injured to the hospital for treatment.

The news agency stated that the fire started while welders were conducting maintenance work on the upper deck.

The fire spread to an area of 120m² and black smoke was billowing from the ship. The injured reportedly suffered from inhaling toxic fumes.

Media reported that the fire-fighting team brought the fire under control hours after it started, citing the Northern Fleet.

The ship is no stranger to mishaps. Admiral Kuznetsov was deployed to the Mediterranean Sea in 2016 to support airstrike operations in Syria.

Two of its fighter aircraft crashed while trying to land on the aircraft carrier. The ship has since returned home.

In October last year, the PD-50 dry dock sank and resulted in severe damage to the ship when a crane fell on the deck.

Admiral Kuznetsov was undergoing repairs and upgrades that were planned to be carried out until 2021.

The fire comes after a Russian naval deepwater research submersible caught fire in July.

The accident resulted in 14 deaths and was considered one of the worst naval disasters in post-Soviet Russia.