The British Royal Navy’s Type 45 air-defence destroyer, HMS Defender, is conducting a second set of trials and training.

The trials follow its post-deployment maintenance and will prepared its 190 crew personnel for future carrier strike operations.

HMS Defender will also be put through Fleet Operational Sea Training, which will be held this summer.

During the training, the crew will create scenarios involving the destroyer’s machinery, fire-fighting training, and sea boat drills. It will also include an air-defence exercise and weapons tests.

On completion of the training, the ship will be deployed for its next mission the following year.

HMS Defender previously joined other Royal Navy vessels in the Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz.

Commanding officer commander Vince Owen said: “It has been fantastic to take HMS Defender back to sea after a busy maintenance period following our return in March from seven months deployed in the Middle East.

“The focus for us has now shifted to preparing for our next deployment and the new challenges and opportunities that will present us.

“The next step on this exciting journey starts in July as we commence our Operational Sea Training package, this training will provide the perfect opportunity to integrate the new crew members into our team and enhance our maritime skills before we focus on carrier task group training later this year.”

In May last year, the Royal Navy’s HMS Defender tested its Sea Viper missile system off the coast of Scotland.