HMS Trent, a Batch 2 River-class offshore patrol vessel for the Royal Navy, has sailed for its first operational deployment.

The vessel departed for the Mediterranean following its commissioning in a ceremony held at Portsmouth Naval Base.

HMS Trent is designed to support anti-piracy, anti-smuggling, and counter-terrorism operations. In the Mediterranean, it will support Nato’s ongoing maritime security operation.

Royal Navy Surface Flotilla Commander Commodore Craig Wood said: “Our membership and commitment to Nato is the foundation of UK defence.

“By deploying HMS Trent to the Mediterranean, the Royal Navy will be supporting UK and Nato security with her patrols of the international shipping lanes and denying criminals and terrorists unchallenged use of the sea.”

HMS Trent was built on the Clyde by BAE Systems. It was delivered to the Royal Navy in December last year and underwent training and workouts to prepare it for deployment.

The ship is the third of five Batch Two River Class offshore patrol vessels being developed for the Royal Navy.

These vessels are designed to accommodate more personnel and conduct helicopter operations. They are also faster and more heavily armed than the predecessors.

HMS Trent Commanding Officer Lt Cdr James Wallington-Smith said: “It’s my honour and privilege to take HMS Trent from the start of her career in the Royal Navy to her first operational deployment as part of a key Nato mission in the Mediterranean.”