British Royal Marines have trialled new CanAm 6×6 all-terrain vehicles to transport the mortars around Salisbury Plain during exercises.

The commandos used the vehicles to test their surviving ability and avoid being detected by enemy radars, while countering the threats.

45 Commando’s Mortar Troop have started to analyse the vulnerabilities of the primary weapon to the Mortar Locating Radar and on how they can remain in the battlefield supporting their troops without being discovered by enemies.

The vehicles were used to move the mortars and the crews quickly without being detected and to tackle the enemy.

Under the Future Commando Force modernisation, Royal Marines have started to focus on kit, clothing, weapons and tactics.

45 Commando’s Mortar Troop officer commanding captain Dale Martin said: “It is vital that we understand the threats we face on the modern battlefield.

“Mortars provide essential fire support to commando troops on the ground and are therefore a high-value target for any adversary we may face.

“By training with the Royal Artillery who are actively seeking to find and neutralise us we can begin to understand how to adapt our tactics, techniques and procedures to counter this threat.

“The vehicles we are trialling will allow us to increase our mobility on the battlefield therefore increasing our survivability and ability to support friendly forces.”

The major portion of the Future Commando Force is to be agile and lightweight, to quickly raid enemy positions, and destroy high-value targets before they move onto new objectives.

Last month, Royal Marines added new technologies to boost their training in Gibraltar during Exercise Serpent Rock.