The British Royal Marines have practiced war games with the US Marine Corps (USMC) in the California desert.

Commandos from the 40 Commando Battle Group trained with the USMC’s 7th Marine Regiment in the Marine Air Ground Combat Training Centre at Twentynine Palms.

The training allowed the Royal Marines to further their preparations for the battlefield of the future as part of the Future Commando Force concept.

The British commandos disrupted the enemy and enabled the larger conventional USMC forces to attack the contested area. The 2nd Marine Division acted as the enemy for the war games.

40 Commando lieutenant Simon Williams said: “The new multirole teams shape the environment, taking out forward enemy positions and assets, enabling the larger conventional USMC forces access into a contested area.

“The USMC facilities offer an excellent opportunity for every commando to train to their full potential. The huge range complex is large enough for Vikings and Jackals to tear around at full speed.

“Operating in the desert itself has its own difficulties. Usually synonymous with being dry and hot, the temperature in October can fluctuate between 30°C at daytime, to below freezing at night. Twentynine Palms tests every commando.”

The training exercise, known as Green Dagger, enables the marines to hone their desert warfare skills and improve their relationship with the USMC.

Simon Williams added that the exercise showcases the ability of the marines to integrate with partners.

The Royal Marines employed technology during Exercise Green Dagger, including drones for surveillance and reconnaissance for an edge in urban scenarios.

A chest-mounted tablet was also used to gain an overview of the battle during the drills.