Royal Marines commandos test new tactics during desert exercises
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Royal Marines commandos test new tactics during desert exercises

25 Nov 2021 (Last Updated November 25th, 2021 16:44)

Air Defence Troop of 30 Commando were part of commando element of Littoral Response Group.

Royal Marines commandos test new tactics during desert exercises
Air Defence Troop of 30 Commando in action in the desert. Credit: Royal Navy.

Air Defence Troop of Royal Marines unit 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group have tested new tactics during desert exercises in California.

Deployed as part of the newly formed Littoral Response Group (South), commandos spent the last two months in the Mojave Desert alongside allies.

The best military training area provided an opportunity for the commandos to test new tactics and share knowledge with allies.

The LRG is one of two new British Royal Navy task groups that was established to respond to world events. It will become operational next year.

During an intensive five-day exercise in California, Air Defence Troop worked with forces from the Netherlands, the UAE, Canada, and the US.

Commandos were tasked with protecting allied forces and worked alongside their counterparts US Marines’ 2nd and 3rd Low Altitude Air Defence Battalions.

The adversary was made up of US marines and the commandos had to defend three ‘urban sprawls’.

During the mock battle, commandos deployed into three small teams and took various positions.

Based on the intelligence they received, commandos conducted strikes on three Super Cobras and a Sea Stallion helicopter, as well as also on convoys using surface-to-surface missiles (SSMs).

According to the Royal Navy, commandos also trialled the MRZR vehicle during the exercise.

The US-made Polaris MRZR-D4 is an ultralight 4×4 off-roader vehicle developed by Polaris Defense, a division of Polaris Industries.

It can carry up to four commandos and reach speeds of 60mph for quick movement across the combat field.