More than 150 Royal Marines and Army Commandos are set to form the new Vanguard Strike Company this autumn.

It is part of a modernisation restructuring project called the Future Commando Force programme.

Under the programme, Royal Marines will use new and innovative technology and operate as high-readiness troops.

Using advanced technology and weaponry, the ‘trailblazers’ are scheduled to be deployed next year following trials to be conducted later this year.

The company is currently conducting equipment, structural and tactical experimentation associated with the Future Commando Force.

The deployment will witness the first practical demonstration of kit, equipment, training and organisational change necessary, which will later be used by the Royal Navy.

Working in small teams, the elite commandos will be tailored for the respective mission with the required skills necessary for the type of operation.

Royal Marines commandant general major general Matt Holmes said: “The Vanguard Strike Company will lead and inform how the Royal Marines and Army Commandos will operate and fight in a dynamic, technological era of warfare.

“We envisage several of these networked sub-units persistently forward deployed around the globe, with an array of sophisticated enabling capabilities, to present dilemmas to adversaries whilst supporting partners.

“These will all be at high-readiness, as a capable forward contingency force at the core of the Royal Navy’s Littoral Response Groups.”

Last month, UK Royal Marines Commandos revealed a new look Commando uniform as part of the bold transformation.

The Vanguard Strike Company will wear the new uniform on their first deployment.