Two Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ships have carried out high-end simulated sea combat on opposing coasts as part of Exercise VIKING RAIDER.

The two ships, HMA Ships Brisbane and Anzac, used operation room simulators to fight together in a real-time maritime warfare scenario in New South Wales and Western Australia, respectively.

HMAS Brisbane personnel used the Air Warfare Destroyer Simulator at HMAS Watson to implement the advanced multi-layer offensive and defence capabilities of Hobart-class ships.

Simultaneously, HMAS Anzac personnel used the frigate simulator at HMAS Stirling to increase long-range air, ground and underground capabilities to defend important targets against enemies.

Royal Navy exchange officer, Lieutenant Edwin Smith, is the chief warfare officer of Anzac and stated that the exercise tested the operations of the ship in a multi-ship environment and improved their team skills.

Smith said: “My job is to bring all the information from our internal sensors as well as the external information feeds together to give us a coherent picture, and piece that together with the law and rules of engagement in order to make recommendations to the Captain.

“As an ops room crew, we are looking to take away our own internal procedures and the drills experience we need in order to be able to work effectively as part of a task force.

“The beauty of using a simulator is that it gives us opportunities to conduct the drills as if it were for real. We can act as if we are in a full wartime environment.”

In May this year, the Australian Government announced plans to invest in a programme for the production of six new Cape-class patrol boats for the RAN.