Rolls-Royce and the Defense Production Act Title III office have announced investment plans to increase the ability and capacity of the company to manufacture propulsion components for US Naval ships.

The investment will go to Rolls-Royce’s Pascagoula facility in Mississippi, US.

The agreement means the DPA Title III office will invest $22m in equipment while Rolls-Royce will provide additional investment to improve the building, with support from Jackson County and Mississippi.

Rolls-Royce Naval Operations head Daniel Rediger said: “This community partnership between the Defense Production Act Title III organisation and Rolls-Royce, along with Mississippi and Jackson County officials, is a major success for all involved.

“Rolls-Royce will improve our capability to serve navy shipbuilding. The navy will benefit from our added capacity, and Jackson County will add new highly skilled jobs and a secure future for the local industry.

“We also want to recognise the NAVSEA Shipbuilding Industrial Base Task Force for their support through the DPA Title III process, and for recognising what a vital role we play in the shipbuilding supply chain.”

The Pascagoula facility is said to be the ‘centre of excellence’ at Rolls-Royce, and this new investment will increase the company’s ability to manufacture propeller and propulsor components for naval ships.

Rolls-Royce will construct a new 26,000ft² building, and funds from DPA Title III will provide new foundry and machining equipment to aid the growth of new jobs and the workforce.

The company manufactures naval components at the Pascagoula facility, including controllable-pitch propeller systems, fixed pitch propellers, and water jets.

These components are said to power most of the US Navy ships, including aircraft carriers, destroyers, and other ships.

In June, Rolls-Royce secured multiple contracts worth $115.6m from the US Navy to provide ship engines, propulsion components, and services.