Rheinmetall Waffe Munition’s Fronau branch has delivered the 300th multi ammunition softkill system (MASS) to the Finnish Navy.

Rheinmetall’s MASS family of systems are designed to protect ships and boats from various threats when conducting missions in the high seas, littoral zones, and open oceans.

Suitable for installation on any warship model, MASS can be easily incorporated into a current combat management system (CMS). It can also be operated as a standalone system.

Each MASS system comprises between one and six trainable launchers.

Featuring a control unit and a data interface, each launcher is capable of firing 32 Omni Trap special effect charges.

The ‘MASS_OCR with off-board corner reflector’ and the new standalone version ‘MASS_ISS with Integrated Sensor Suite’ are two new variants of the system.

According to the company, the MASS_OCR version offers deception and diversion capabilities.

Rheinmetall’s MASS_ISS with Integrated Sensor Suite is developed for vessels without organic shipboard reconnaissance systems.

The ‘Rheinmetall ESM Ka-Band’ (REKa-50) serves as an essential part of the MASS_ISS system complex. It can detect and engage threats in the millimetre wave radar frequency range.

Rheinmetall’s MASS system was launched into the market in 2002 and is now operational in 14 countries.

In June 2018, Rheinmetall secured a follow-on contract to upgrade the MASS countermeasure technologies installed on-board the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) Halifax-class frigates.