The Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band (NGJ-MB), built by Raytheon Technologies business, Raytheon Intelligence and Space, has completed its first flight test on the EA-18G Growler aircraft.

The jammer of the US Navy is an advanced electronic attack weapon system designed to deny, disrupt and degrade enemy communication tools and air-defence systems.

In October last year, NGJ-MB completed the first power generation flight test at Niagara Falls Airport in New York, US.

It was developed for the EA-18G Growler aircraft and generated its own power for the first time.

The company delivered the first NGJ-MB pod to the navy in August last year.

RI&S Electronic Warfare Systems vice-president Annabel Flores said: “After hundreds of hours of successful ground and chamber testing, NGJ-MB’s first Growler flight test marked a significant achievement for the programme toward Milestone C and IOC.

“It’s a testament to the technology and the collaborative efforts of the RI&S team with the navy’s engineering, integration and test teams.”

The flight was carried out at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, and it met all the objectives.

The mission systems flight testing in the future will showcase the weapons system control, power generation, and electromagnetic compatibility between the jammer and aircraft.

It will also test the performance of its high-capacity digital waveform generation and active electronically scanned arrays against different targets.

The data collected from the tests will inform Milestone C regarding the decision to commence the production of NGJ-MB.

The testing was carried out after over 600 hours of ground testing of Engineering Development Model (EDM) pods.