Raytheon has launched a fully immersive virtual reality variant of its portable V-22 Osprey aircraft trainer.

The Aircraft Functional V-22 Trainer-Virtual Reality was unveiled at the ongoing I/ITSEC event in the US.

The solution is designed to accommodate the ‘hyper-realistic’ training needs of all experience levels.

It can be used for training early career aviation maintenance students and to support the ongoing training needs of experienced personnel.

Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services director Wendell Bradshaw said: “The system is intuitive and realistic, making the training sessions more productive and meaningful. Adding the virtual reality element further increases the training’s realism and the students’ mission readiness.”

Aircraft Functional V-22 Trainer-Virtual Reality provides students with access to integrated interactive electronic technical manuals.

Students will also have the opportunity to go through various operational aircrew and maintainer checklists.

The aids will help them to easily navigate the fully interactive cockpit, cabin, and exterior.

Raytheon’s new VR trainer will also allow instructors to incorporate up to 81 system failures, including electronic warfare, navigation, electrical power and blade-fold in training.

The company has integrated additional features to enable multiplayer collaboration with directional audio.

The trainer can also support two-way communications with instructors and other students, the company added.

Raytheon is the key system integrator for the V-22 Osprey aircraft. The firm provides services and tools in support of the V-22’s mission planning, software support, training and integration.

The Osprey provides both short takeoff and landing and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities.