Raytheon Australia has signed a contract to deliver in-service support for the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Collins-class diesel-electric submarine fleet.

The estimated value of the five-year contract is approximately $201.95m (A$322m).

Signed with the Australian Government, the latest contract has been awarded as part of a $125bn (A$200bn) investment plan.

The initiative aims to provide continuous secure and sustainable support for the country’s naval shipbuilding and sustainment capability until 2040s.

Under this contract, the company will provide in-service support for the existing combat system of the Collins-class fleet, as the country moves ahead with the plan to transition it into a nuclear-powered submarine.

Work also includes specific capability enhancements and other ongoing sustainment support.

In addition, the contract will involve providing a life-of-type extension support to the submarine fleet. This work is expected to start from 2026.

Australian Department of Defence (DoD) Naval Shipbuilding and Sustainment deputy secretary Tony Dalton said: “The ongoing sustainment and upgrade of these boats will help maintain a capability advantage and ensure our fleet is ready to meet the challenges across our strategic environment.

“We are committed to working closely with industry to sustain our Collins-class submarines, an important task that currently supports over 1,600 jobs across South and West Australia.”

The fleet of six Collins-class submarines primarily provides maritime surveillance and protection to enhance the RAN’s defence capabilities.

Raytheon Australia has been providing a wide range of support services for the combat system of Collins-class submarines from years. A highly skilled local workforce of nearly 133 people from across Australia is engaged in this work.

In 2020, Thales Australia secured a contract to supply enhanced sonar systems for the RAN’s Collins-class fleet.