The US Navy has awarded a contract to Raytheon Intelligence & Space for the procurement of Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (JPALS) for Japan.

Announced by the Naval Air Systems Command on 7 February, the contract has an estimated value of approximately $8.6m.

It was awarded in collaboration with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) in December last year, as part of a foreign military sale. 

The contract is being managed by the Naval Air Traffic Management Systems Programme Office (PMA-213).

As part of this award, the company will be required to deliver an additional JPALS equipment, which is a software-based differential Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation and precision landing system, for the JMSDF.

According to the US Department of Defense announcement, the associated work under this firm-fixed-price modification award will be carried out in Fullerton, California and Largo, Florida and also involves delivery of onboard repair parts and installation and checkout kit.

It is slated to complete by June 2024.

PMA-213 International Programmes deputy programme manager Casey Edinger said: “Japan’s acquisition of JPALS significantly enhances and furthers their modernisation goals, operational readiness, force projection, and Pacific Command interoperability operations.”

JPALS is integrated with the F-35 fighter jets, allowing them to operate, approach and land on naval vessels at sea, in all-weather conditions.

This high-integrity system is deployed to enhance the safety and operational capability of the aircraft attached to a carrier vessel.

Once delivered, the new JPALS will be equipped onto the lead Izumo-class helicopter carrier ship, JS Izumo, in 2024.

Currently, JPALS is being equipped with all the US Navy aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships as well as on the UK Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth and the Italian Navy’s ITS Cavour.