BAE Systems has selected Israel-based company Plasan to provide armour for the second batch of the UK Royal Navy’s (RN) City-class or Type 26 vessels.

This is the second contract awarded for the Type 26 Global Combat Ships (GCS) programme.

The company was also responsible for providing composite armour for the first three vessels, HMS Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast, of this class and a contract for the same was awarded in March 2018.  

Building on the performance of the first batch contract, Plasan has now been selected to deliver armour for HMS Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh and London.

For the second batch ships, the company will use the same cost-effective and simple installation approach that was used for the first three vessels.

Work under the contract will be carried out by the company in close coordination with the Design Authority partners.

The latest contract comes a month after BAE Systems secured a £4.2bn contract from the British Ministry of Defence to build the second batch of five Type 26 frigates for the RN.

The new vessels are being built to provide enhanced capabilities to the RN.

Delivery of all eight Type 26 warships from BAE Systems is expected to complete by 2035.

The new GCS are being developed to replace the British Navy’s existing fleet of Duke-class or Type 23 anti-submarine frigates.

Meanwhile, BAE Systems recently announced that the first ship HMS Glasgow entered waters for the first time.