The Government of the Philippines has reportedly allocated funds for the procurement of BrahMos cruise missile system.

Recently, the Philippines’ department of budget management made two special allotment release orders with a combined worth of $55.5m (PHP2.8bn) to meet initial funding requirements for a ‘Shore-Based Anti-Ship Missile System Acquisition Project’.

The allocation is for the BrahMos missile system, people familiar with the development told the Hindustan Times.

A team from the Philippine Navy also visited BrahMos Aerospace’s production unit in Hyderabad last month as part of the procurement procedure, the publication added.

If the acquisition proceeds, the Philippines will become the first overseas customer to procure the weapon system that has been jointly developed by the Russia and India.

Currently, Philippines armed forces are executing a revised modernisation programme.

Under this programme, Philippine Navy signed a pact with South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) on 28 December for two corvettes.

The country intends to sign contracts for 36 Black Hawk helicopters and six offshore patrol vessels this year.

Philippines’ department of budget management has also assigned the initial funding requirements for the procurement of fast boats for the navy.

In March last year, the Philippines and India entered into an ‘implementing arrangement’ for supporting government-to-government deals on military hardware and equipment, including the BrahMos missile.

BrahMos, a medium-range ramjet supersonic cruise missile, can be launched from vessels, submarines, aircraft, or land platforms.

The Philippines selected BrahMos after carrying out wide-ranging trials and negotiations that centred around the cost of the system.

Currently, India and Russia are jointly working to expand the range of the BrahMos and commence exporting the missile to third nations.

In recent years, India has been in discussions with numerous Southeast Asian nations, such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, for the export of land and sea-based versions of the BrahMos.