The navies of Pakistan, Germany and the US participated in a passing exercise (PASSEX) in the Arabian Sea on 6 September.

Pakistan Navy frigate PNS Alamgir (F 260), German Navy frigate FGS Bayern (F 217), and the US Navy’s guided-missile cruiser USS Shiloh (CG 67) took part in the exercise.

The exercise included advanced maritime manoeuvres, aircraft tracking exercises, and communication drills.

It was aimed at strengthening cooperation between the three nations and ensuring peace and stability.

These drills also enhanced the crews’ ability to jointly operate in a dynamic environment, as well as test and refine combined command and control (C2) processes.

Carrier Strike Group 5/Task Force 50 rear admiral commander Will Pennington said: “Today’s multi-domain operations demonstrate the capacity of the international rules-based system to advance a common vision ensuring peace and stability.

“The US greatly appreciates the opportunity to hone our ability to operate with our partners together at sea.”

PASSEX also witnessed an exchange of leadership between the US and Pakistan aboard USS Shiloh.

Exercises such as PASSEX showcase the US Navy’s continued commitment to strengthening coalition partnerships within the region.

USS Shiloh commanding officer captain Sharif Calfee said: “We were honoured to participate in this exercise and host our Pakistan Navy counterparts aboard Shiloh.

“This demonstration of successful naval operations is a testament to the cooperative nature of our three navies. We achieve results by working together, learning from one another, and sharing a common goal of promoting and defending maritime security.”